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Actress Brenda Michelle leaves hospital

Actress Brenda Michelle has been discharged from the hospital where she was receiving treatment for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Confirming this welcome development, her husband Jacob Otieno, popularly known as Jacky B, said doctors allowed her to recuperate from home as further tests show she did not sustain internal injuries.

“Hi guys, I have some good news, my wife was discharged today, and we are home together again, the doctors didn’t find any internal injuries, we thank God. She is stable. We are so greatfull for the support you guys have been showing us. May GOD BLESS YOU. Keep us in your prayers as God keeps healing us,” he wrote on Instagram.

The actress also posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “ I’m glad to be home again ?? Simple things we take for granted.”
The couple was involved in a tragic accident when their car was hit by a cargo train on a rainy night earlier in the week.

Through his social media pages on Saturday, Jacky B, confirmed he suffered minor injuries, but his wife’s condition was getting worse after she developed alarming symptoms.

“The injuries didn’t alarm us as much earlier on,” he said.

“She even passed by the house to pick a few items before going to the hospital. A few tests were run on her head and limbs where she was complaining of pain and the doctors said it was tissue and muscle damage, and we were released with medication.

“However today she started complaining of chest pains, dizziness, and nausea. We are back here to run more tests and let the doctors do their work to restore her back to her health and good spirits. They suspect thoracic trauma that was not attended to yesterday,” he narrated.

This couple has two children.

Michelle stars on the Zora show on Citizen TV.