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Actress Janet Kirina defends her baby bump photo

Makutano Junction actress Janet Kirina is expected to give birth to a baby boy within the next two weeks, and the proud mother-to-be has decided to freeze the bump for posterity, a move that some people do not approve of.

Speaking to Showbuzz, the actress — who doubles as a producer as well — says her pregnancy photo shoot is not risqué as such, but just a show of her pregnant body.

“How else do you shoot a baby bump? Really! The thing is, I told my photographer to not edit any parts, to keep my body looking as natural as it is. It’s my pregnancy body and I am so comfortable in it. Having another human grow inside you… It’s truly a miracle,” she says.


The first-time mother says she has been having interesting craves, such as vanilla milk shake from Java, Weetabix, porridge, pork with ugali, bananas and potatoes, and salt and vinegar flavoured urban bites.

Kirina also answers those who are asking about marriage. “Right now the focus is on the baby; I cannot wait to be introduced to this beautiful soul I’m carrying,” she says.

She has also not yet settled on a baby name because she keeps changing her mind. As soon as she gives birth, Kirina hopes to get her post-baby body “as soon as I can manage to.  I’m needed back on set in July.”