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Actress Njambi: How societal pressure led to my financial ruin

Bernice Njeri, popularly known as Njambi from the hit TV show “Real Househelps of Kawangware,” recently opened up about her financial struggles.

The mother of two spoke of severe consequences due to poor financial decisions, including being auctioned due to debts.

Speaking on the podcast “Shared Moments With Justus,” Njambi recounted her journey of financial hiccups and the pressures of living up to a celebrity lifestyle.

“People often stare, and it can be uncomfortable, but I understand why,” Njambi said.

Njambi says she enjoyed a lavish lifestyle eight years ago, splurging on expensive items and trying to impress others such as living in upscale neighbourhoods and using cabs.

However, her financial state took a downturn in 2018 when her income streams dried up, and she found herself unable to save.

Eventually, Njambi fell into arrears and her property was auctioned over a month’s rent.

“Society can pressure public figures into maintaining a certain lifestyle,” Njambi explained.

“Nowadays, I use public transport, and if people see me living within my means, they assume I’ve fallen on hard times.”

Reflecting on the painful experience of being auctioned she said; “It hurt deeply when they saw I had a daughter and asked if they needed to take everything. They spared my daughter’s bed, gas cooker, and TV. Even my brother’s laptop was spared.”

Following the auction, Njambi and her daughter moved into a single room where they lived for three months.

“It was a haunting experience. None of my friends or even my cast mates knew about my situation,” she confessed.

Njambi is now focused on rebuilding her life and making smarter financial decisions.

She hopes her story will inspire others to prioritise financial stability and resist societal pressures to maintain appearances at any cost.