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Actress ‘Nyaboke’ slams haters amid child upkeep court tussle with Ayimba

Actress Gloria Moraa aka Nyaboke has publicly slammed ‘haters’ she claims are celebrating her current woes.

In a Facebook post, the former Tahidi High actor told her haters that their opinion is of no consequence to her.

“If you are waiting for me to crash down because of your opinion… you will wait till my grandkids are done with university then I will be toothless and soupless, but I will still be going to down my whiskey so it might never… find another soul,” Nyaboke wrote.

Nyaboke also said she is ‘walking tall’ despite the challenges which she is confident of overcoming.

“Fixing my crown and walking tall,” she wrote.

The message comes a few days after Nyaboke dragged her baby daddy to court.

In the court papers, she is accusing former Kenya 7s Rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba of moving out of their matrimonial home and also failing to pay upkeep of the couple’s two children.

“Without reason, Ayimba stopped providing shelter for the minors in October 2018, subjecting them to auctioneers in December 2018 with four months arrears amounting to Sh120,000 plus auctioneers fees of Sh30,000, which rendered them homeless,” she claims.

The couple has been living together for seven years.