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Adebayor: Salah, Mane don’t deserve Africa Player of the Year award

Football star Emmanuel Adebayor is at it again.

A week after the Togolese star blasted his compatriots who’d requested him to contribute towards eradicating the coronavirus pandemic, the forward now claims African football is led by corrupt people.

“I distanced myself from African football because of corruption and way of doing things that side. I only honour my country Togo. And if they invited me to any event that has anything to do with CAF I won’t show up because of the leaders of the organisation,” he said.

The former Arsenal and Real Madrid player also controversially claimed that Liverpool’s Sadio Mane did not deserve to win the Africa Player of the year award.

“How is Sadio Mane winning CAF Best Player Of The Year when he’s not African based, Lionel Messi has never won any continental individual trophy in his continent. In my whole footballing years, I’ve seen European players who were amazing and they played in America they never made the nominees. But in Africa, an African who is based in Europe and then he wins African awards. How is that?”

“In Brazil, Neymar can’t win Brazilian player of the season but can win Brazilian player of the year, so when they include all the countries in that continent and make Neymar the best player what about the players who are based in that continent. ”

“CAF stands for Confederation Of African Football. How Salah and Sadio win it is way out of my worst imagination. That award belongs to African (based) players.”

Adebayor, who is now based in Paraguay, is known for his outspoken nature. He has in the past accused his mum and brother of engaging in witchcraft so as to slow down his career.