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Adelle: I hated my body, it reminded me of my rape ordeal

By Amina Wako November 7th, 2020 1 min read

Former Kiss fm radio presenter Adelle Onyango has revealed how she hated her body for years after she was raped.

In an Instagram post, Adelle, who was in a bikini, said she hated her body because it reminded her of her scars and her rape ordeal.

In 2008, Adelle was raped by a stranger while she was leaving a house party to hit a club in Westlands.

“I am so proud of the intentional work I’ve done to get to a point of loving my body. For many years I hated it. I don’t know, I think at the time parts of it reminded me of getting raped…the scars. Then came eczema with it’s own scars as if to mock me,” she wrote.

Adelle further indicated that since the rape ordeal and the eczema, a swimming suit became a no for her for years.

“Getting into a swimsuit was just…a no-no! Which sucked because I’ve been a swimmer all my life and I loved it! So I hid it – tights, long sleeves, double sleeves, don’t swim, the works! I hardly looked at it. Didn’t give it the healthy things it needed. For years….yikes!”

Over the years however, she disclosed, she had learnt to love her body even though it has been a long journey of healing and acceptance.

“But right now I respect and honor the divinity in this body. It’s carried me through battlefields and continues to do so to date. Here’s to intentional healing. It’s hard. It takes time. I’m not all the way there. But it really is the gateway to freedom!” she concluded.