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Adelle Onyango: From flashy radio job to fortune-making podcasting

Media personality Adelle Onyango says she didn’t ditch her flashy radio job to make more money in podcasting.

The former Kiss 100 presenter started her Legally Clueless podcast five years ago when the concept was still very much new in the country and has gone on to create a fortune around it.

“When I started, I had never listened to a podcast before, but I was quitting my show at Kiss FM, at that point, I was kind of done with media.

Then someone close to me sent me podcasts, the more I read about it the more accessible it was and so I thought, why not share what I am going through after leaving this flashy job. That is talk about the emotions I am going through while in the process of starting my own thing after employment,” Adelle said.

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At that point, Adelle never cared much if it would succeed.

“I didn’t care much if it was going to fail or not. I just kind of enjoyed the process and now it became what it is today,”

With consistency, Adelle says, gradually opportunities for monetization started to emerge.

“In terms of making money, I think everybody’s journey is different. I have been able to build a new media business around my podcast. Generally, it depends on what your goal is but there are ways to earn money either directly or indirectly from your podcast or creating tools around it.

At Legally Clueless, we do workshops to teach people how to build different revenue models around your podcast. But you can’t have a conversation about will I make money when you don’t have the product already.

You must be willing to create value around it, in terms of the production, and time, so that you can have a solid quality product that people can enjoy listening to and the advertisers will want to sit on,” she adds.

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Adelle was selected to co-host the second season of a pan-African show dubbed Back To Doc. The show
aims to give Africans agency over issues affecting them around health.

She will cohost the season alongside Nollywood star Ikechukwu Ogbonna.

The show will be released later this year and will be screened across Africa.

Speaking on her new career development, Adelle shared: “It is such an honour to be able to not just represent Kenya on such a huge platform, but to also do my part in the advancement of our continent and ensuring Africans get access to information that is for us, by us.”

Adding, “We have to be proactive in not just innovating solutions but sharing relevant information with each other. Working alongside Ike is a vibrant experience and I’m glad we get to do this show together.”

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