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Adelle Onyango: I’ve been bullied about my ‘crooked’ teeth, but I keep smiling

Media personality Adelle Onyango has spoken about some of her insecurities as a professional, including how much she had been bullied over her teeth.

In a tweet, the celebrated radio presenter said she has never seen herself as people make her out to be in regards to her dental orientation, but rather has always admired her own smile.

“All through my career, I’ve been bullied about my teeth. I find it so strange. I have always loved my smile – its genuine, so effortless and now, all over friggin Nairobi. Every time you see it remember to: love your body, there is beauty in diversity,” she said in the post. 

For years, Adelle has received hate for her teeth. The animosity reached fever pitch on her wedding day when critics told her to fix her teeth because she can afford it.

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In a clap back message on social media some years back, Adelle informed the haters that she is perfectly okay with her teeth and that beauty is diverse.

“These crooked teeth put together a killer smile,” she said before adding, “I don’t believe in ‘flaws’. We are as we are meant to be. Beauty is diverse – there’s no ONE way to be beautiful! The greatest thing you can do for yourself, take yourself as you are my love!”

Sometime later, Adelle confessed that she has not always been self-confident, it took time to accept what she considered her flaws.

The former Kiss 100 presenter disclosed that she was insecure about her arms and legs due to chronic eczema. However, a talk with her sister changed all that.

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“I was a teenager when my sister Amanda told me ‘Adelle you’ve got to be comfortable in your skin.’ I don’t know what dumb shit I had done for her to tell me that but I carry those words with me to date.”

The media personality confessed to having hated herself because of societal conformity which she fought against and encouraged her fans to love themselves exactly as they are.

“We don’t give our bodies the credit they deserve! They have carried us across battlefields, they are our homes, our shelter, protection. They gat us!!! I hated my scars for years, hated my teeth, my legs, my arms – we are conditioned to believe the lie that there is a normal and anything outside that normal is wack AF.”

“Please start loving your body TODAY. Start small, do it daily, dress it up, dress it down, get to know it, talk to it. There is no normal, there is YOU,” reads her post.

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