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Adelle Onyango launches video podcast

February 2nd, 2021 1 min read

Former Kiss FM presenter Adelle Onyango will have her 100th podcast episode of Legally Clueless on video for the first time on February 8.

Adelle who celebrates her 32nd birthday in a few days time, launched her podcast in March 2019 months before quitting the popular station.

“We were filming the special edition of the 100th episode and that’s gonna be premiering on February 8th. You will have your normal audio episode and this is gonna be the first time we have a video,” she explained.

The celebrated media personality further added that the video would be available on all her social media platforms.

In her past podcasts, Adelle has been focusing on among other issues sexuality and relationships while directly engaging with her followers.

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast in which Adelle documents her human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman.

It is also the space where Africans share stories from their lives, “stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh – real, authentic African stories,” Adelle adds.

In a previous interview, the media personality admitted the show was a dream come true with the main focus of her upcoming show is to give Africans a platform to freely air their voice.