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Aden Duale blasts Uhuru over Jubilee party stalemate

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has accused former president Uhuru Kenyatta of presiding over looting, extra judicial killings and misrule during his ten-year term.

Duale, a close ally of President William Ruto, has also urged the retired presidents to keep off politics like his predecessors Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi did.

“It’s appalling the depths the former president has fallen to the extent he rudely castigates police officers on official duty protecting life and property,” wrote Duale on his social media pages.

“It is despicable to see a former President who after having served two full terms reduce his stature by fighting over a shell of a party that presided over misrule, wanton looting of public coffers and extrajudicial killings during the infamous rogue handshake regime.”

Duale also appeared to take a dig at the former Head of State for fighting over what he described as a shell of a party.

“The once behemoth of party with near super majority of 174 lawmakers is now having a paltry number who have since shifted their allegiance. Uhuru should cease muddying his image by trying to resuscitate a dead party and leave the tussle to elected MPs.”

The high ranking government official who’s docket oversees the military also took exception with the former president’s remarks over the police.

“It’s a worst-kept secret that Uhuru and his bitter cabal are sponsors of violent protests to undermine the government of Kenya Kwanza and H.E William Ruto. Uhuru and his opposition leaders should give President Ruto a break from anarchism and rebuild the battered economy crippled under his watch during the Handshake regime,” He said

“Kenyans are watching and would not allow further economic sabotage and violence perpetrated by selfish leaders out to do self-preservation,” He added.

The stalemate between Duale and the former president comes a day after Mr Kenyatta stormed the Jubilee party headquarters and took sides with warring parties in a political stand off.

A study recently released by TIFA shows that at least 59 per cent of Kenyans want former President Uhuru Kenyatta to avoid politics and enjoy his retirement and 36 per cent want the former President to stay politically active and support politicians and policies that he agrees with.

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