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‘Adhiambo’ video vixen wants Bahati to pay her Sh4million

A video vixen, who claims Kenyan musician Bahati failed to pay her after she appeared in the hit song Adhiambo, is demanding Sh4million from the artiste.

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, the video vixen, Brenda Otieno, expressing her frustration, saying she has not received any payment for appearing the video of the song which was a collabo between Bahati and Prince Indah.

“I was waiting for him (Bahati) to approach me so we could discuss payment, but the time has expired. I was supposed to be paid Sh100k, and now with the interest accumulated, it amounts to 20 per cent of the song.”

Brenda argued that the song has garnered over 22 million views in the past year and a half, thus Bahati owes her Sh4 million. She calculated this amount as fair compensation for the extended period she had to wait for her payment.

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She also claimed Bahati had blocked her phone number.

“Imagine spending a whole day without eating, shooting the video and then waiting for payment, only to be blocked. I haven’t spoken to Bahati since then,” she said.

In addition to seeking payment, Brenda also said she feels used and wishes to dissociate herself from the video.

“They used me, and I want to be paid. You have disrespected me and treated me as if I were nobody. I demand 20 per cent of the income generated from that video or else I insist that the video be taken down,” she said.

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Brenda revealed that she was approached by one of Bahati’s management team members, She said she participated in the making of the video hoping it would be a positive experience.

But Bahati has feigned ignorance over the video vixen’s grievances. Through his Instagram page, the artiste wondered why people have been tagging him on social media about the song.

“Hii Ngoma imefanya Nini? So many tags,” he wrote.

The song was released in 2021 while influential figures such as former Starehe MP Jaguar, Embakassi East MP Babu Owino and comedian Terence Creative all making special appearances.

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