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Administrator filmed drunk on duty will be taken for rehabilitation

An Assistant County Commissioner who was filmed drunk while on duty in Kiambu county will be taken to a rehabilitation centre.

According to Kiambu County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, ACC Lincoln Kagunyi had a drinking problem and the rehabilitation would help him overcome it.

A video clip shared on social media showed Kagunyi being harassed by members of the public in Limuru town after they found him drunk in the morning yet drinking joints were closed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Wanyanga mentioned the ACC was a recovering alcoholic and was transferred to Limuru to be close to his family who wanted to help him with his drinking problem.

With no signs of getting back on track, the county commissioner said the ACC will be taken to a rehabilitation centre.

“The ACC has a condition and he was brought closer home so that the family can assist in the recovery journey. But things are not getting better for him so we believe putting him in rehab will help him get over his drinking problem,” he added.

Wanyanga further cautioned that recording of the video and sharing it on social media was uncalled for as that might worsen his drinking problems.