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Adulterous man caught pants down with another man’s wife

A Nairobi man’s most vulnerable moment has been shared on social media in the form of a ‘caught in the act’ nude video.

The man can be seen in the video sitting next to a woman with two men taking turns to slap his head as they hurl insults at him.

Another man, who seems to be the one filming the incident, can be heard in the background saying he knows the accused and excuses himself to call for help.

He then calls someone to come and rescue his friend whom he says has been caught with another man’s wife.

The woman pleads for her husband’s forgiveness while referring to him as the father of his child.

All the while, the man caught in the act tries to offer an explanation but is silenced with more slaps from the two men.


One of the men, who appears to be the husband of the woman, can also be seen shoving her to the floor as she holds onto his trousers while pleading for forgiveness.

At some point one of the men picks up a call and the ‘wife devourer’ stands up saying that he will not wait to be killed.

The two men corner him at the bedroom door and after a struggle he manages to slip past them and dashes out of the main door stark naked.

He quickly opens the door and rans out as the other men chase after him.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko whose Facebook account was among those who shared the video captioned that the incident as shameful and urged couples to respect each other.

“Do you think we should take our MPANGO WA KANDO to our matrimonial homes? Whats your take?” posed the senator.