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Adulterous man found dead in lodging with private parts chopped off

A man was found dead and his private parts chopped off after he was allegedly caught with another man’s wife in a lodging.

Residents said the deceased, Stanley Kimathi, who was married to two wives, had sold miraa worth Sh100,000 and went to the market “to enjoy himself” in one of the chang’aa dens.

He sought the company of a woman before they both retired for the night into a nearby lodging.

During the night, another man appeared and confronted Kimathi for allegedly sleeping with his wife.

He stabbed the deceased several times on the head and chopped off his genitals before fleeing to unknown place together with the lady.

Akirang’ondu Member of County Assembly (MCA) Bishop Ambrose Gichunge condemned the killing but said men should be faithful to their wives.

“If you sell miraa and get money, you don’t need to get another wife but to groom the one that you have at home. Use the same money to develop your family instead of using it with prostitutes when your children and wife are suffering at home,” he said.