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AFC boss defends choice of “non-sexy” models

February 3rd, 2016 1 min read


Interim AFC Leopards Chairman Matthews Opwora says “he doesn’t see anything wrong” with the models he assigned to a club function on Tuesday.

Instead, the club official has termed the hullabaloo surrounding the said models as the work of a select group of his detractors.

The choice of the models who graced an elaborate event on Tuesday, where the club unveiled a multi-million sponsorship partnership with European based betting firm Betway, has been the subject of public debate.

A section of sports fans, especially on social media, have been of the view that these ladies were “not sexy enough”.

Immediately after the photos of the models were made public, fans had a field day sharing photos of ladies whom they believed would have been “alternative models” for the function.


Others fans shared photos of what they suggested were of “sexier ladies” who had graced other functions involving Betway.

But Opwora has come out in defence of the choice of the models at the function.

“These ladies are ardent fans of AFC Leopards, they did a good job at the function in entertaining our guests. Those opposed to them and our Betway deal are just enemies of the club. They are meant to ensure the club remains broke and rely on handouts,” Opwora told Nairobi News.

At the same time, the Betway-Leopards deal has since been cancelled by the Sports Tribunal. The conflict resolution body, while spelling out the decision, said the partnership does not have the blessings of all the club’s interim officials.

It is believed that a separate faction of club officials, led by Dan Mule, have a separate deal with another betting firm SportPesa.