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AFC Leopards coach refutes claims of media gag on players

New AFC Leopards coach Ivan Jacky Minnaert says he has not banned his players from talking to the media.

While addressing the media during a weekly press briefing over the weekend, the Belgian tactician clarified that he wanted communication between the players and media to be done in a structured manner.

“This is a situation akin to you (journalists) conducting an interview, and then someone comes and taps on your shoulder asking you to stop that and join him for coffee,” Minnaert said.

“We want to cultivate a great working relationship with the media, but that will be done in a structured way. Players are free to talk to the press after training and during designated times,” he added.

Meanwhile Minnaert observed that Kenyan football has a “long way to go” to fully develop.

The former Rayon Sport coach, who has also worked in Mali, advised o to place more emphasis on youth football.

“I hear reports of an U-19 league. This is way to late in terms of development. Exceptional football players need to start learning at the age of 11-13. This should be introduced in Kenya because there is way too much potential that needs to be tapped,” Minnaert said.