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Affray: Two fined Sh5,000 for ugly fight over memory card

By Joseph Ndunda January 20th, 2021 1 min read

Two people who fought viciously over a memory card will pay a Sh5,000 fine each after they pleaded guilty to the charges of affray.

Robina Mokeira and Anthony Musyoka will alternatively spend a month in jail for committing the offence they admitted to if they fail to pay the fines.

Affray is the offence of taking to an unlawful fight in a public space.

The two, who work at adjacent hotels at Kamulu in Njiru sub-county took to a street fight over a radio memory card on November 22, 2020 after Mokeira accused Musyoka of stealing her card.

Musyoka reportedly hit her on the head with a piece of wood after she made the claims and he picked a machete and cut him on the head in retaliation then she hit him on the hands with the wood.

Members of the public were forced to intervene and stopped them from further assaulting each other before the matter was reported at the Kamulu police station.

They admitted to the charges and facts of the case before senior principal magistrate Angelo Kithinji of Makadara law courts who handed them the penalties.

The two claimed to have reconciled after their arrest and sought leniency from the court.