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Ndii: Prepare to don African wear to office under Nasa government

Economist David Ndii on Friday unveiled a part of opposition outfit Nasa’s manifesto that bears a rather interesting solution to the ailing textile industry.

Ndii tweeted how Nasa, if elected, plans to change the dress code of Kenyans to African wear.

He attached a screen grab of the Nasa manifesto that explained in details how the opposition plans to revive the textile industry.

In the manifesto, the opposition plans to develop the industry by encouraging Kenyans to support locally made clothes.

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“The measures will include; change official dress code to allow men to wear and encourage women also to wear African wear in the offices. Encourage the private sector to the same,” the Nasa manifesto states.

The opposition alliance also intends to develop the textile industry in order to create job opportunities.

“Support the local fashion industry so as to make our locally made garments more appealing and dynamic,” read Nasa’s second measure towards an improved textile industry.

Ndii’s tweet on the same elicited mixed reactions online with some users in support of the move while others stated that the Jubilee government was already improving the said sector.