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After Diana Chepkemoi’s rescue Foreign Affairs PS Macharia thanks Saudi Arabia for jobs

By Wangu Kanuri September 7th, 2022 2 min read

The Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Macharia Kamau has thanked Saudi Arabia for offering Kenyans employment opportunities.

In a tweet, Amb Kamau said that over 200,000 Kenyans enjoy gainful employment in Saudi Arabia.

“It is a huge boom for our economy and our Diaspora remittances. The challenge we face is with the category of labour that deals with house help. That is the challenge. Please differentiate the two,” he added.

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This comes hours after Diana Chepkemoi, a 24-year-old Kenyan came back to Kenya after being trapped in Saudi Arabia.

The final year student at Meru University, photos of her before and after surfaced with her plight sparking reactions online.

In an audio recording, Chepkemoi’s rogue boss is heard using derogatory names at her threatening to ‘punish’ her when she comes back.

On the other hand, the employer categorically denied harming Chepkemoi and insisted that her employee is a pathological liar who wants to ruin her, which she stresses several times, that she will not allow.

Ms Chepkemoi narrated her nightmare working in Saudi Arabia saying the abuse started on the first day she landed in the house.

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The Saudi Arabia’s Embassy to Kenya early this week refuted claims of a Chepkemoi being abused.

In their published statement, the embassy said, “The woman suffers from a normal health condition and was not subjected to any kind of ill-treatment. The Kenyan embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fully aware of the situation.”

Chepkemoi who arrived in Kenya on Tuesday revealed that her case was a tip of an iceberg and that Kenyans were suffering in Saudi Arabia.

“Mine is just to say, if I can be honest, people are suffering there; my friends are suffering there. It is just that my voice was heard and I found support.

People are suffering. Just please do something. People there are being mentally tortured, and psychologically tortured. And it is not fair,” she said.

The fact that her boss kept reminding her that the Kenyan Government could do nothing for her added to her torment, she said.

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