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After five years? Karen Nyamu denies causing split between baby daddy Samidoh and wife Edday

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has defended herself from accusations she played a role in the woes facing his baby daddy Samidoh’s marriage to Edday Nderitu.

Samidoh, a renowned vernacular singer born Samuel Muchoki, has been in the spotlight since his wife Edday Nderitu reportedly walked out of their marriage and relocated to the US.

In a recent social media post, Karen Nyamu shared a photo of herself, which led to a fan commenting and expressing disapproval of her involvement in Samidoh’s personal life.

“When you steal someone’s husband, you should avoid taking the first wife’s space and her children too.”

In response, Karen Nyamu asserted that her relationship with Samidoh was serious, emphasizing that they have two children together.

She also made it clear that Edday’s decision to leave Samidoh and move to the United States was a personal one, not influenced by her.

“Kwani nikizaa twice haikua serious? Mtu akitamani kuishi America pia mnanilaumu? If it was about me, she would have dumped him five years ago,” Karen Nyamu stated.

(“Is it not serious if I have his two kids? You blame me even when someone desires to live in America? If it was about me, she would have left him five years ago.”)

Edday is reported to have got a job in the US with reports she is not keen on making a return.

Sources close to the family say she is thriving in the new environment and committed to providing for her children.

“Edday is doing well. In fact, she is already working. She moved into her own house… That is her house, and the children are in school,” the source who requested anonymity told Nairobi News.

Edday’s departure from her 15-year marriage to Samidoh earlier this year was attributed to issues of infidelity.

The public revelation of Samidoh’s involvement with Karen Nyamu, with whom he shares two children, further exacerbated the marital discord.

Edday was clear in her stance against polygamy, leading to her decision to end the marriage.

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