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After miraculous recovery King Alami exposes ex-Noti Flow

By Neema Amani February 20th, 2023 2 min read

King Alami, a socialite who recently survived a fall from the 7th floor of a high-rise building, has made a miraculous recovery and is back online.

However, she seems to hold a personal vendetta against her ex-girlfriend, Noti Flow, and has spilled the tea on a gift that Noti had presented to her during their time together.

As it turns out, the blue Volkswagen that Noti had gifted Alami was all a front to gain popularity and keep her name trending on social media.

Alami’s revelation came about after a curious netizen asked her why she had not been seen driving the expensive car in a while, especially after Alami had lost one of her arms during the fall.

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To this, Alami replied that Noti had never given her a car in the first place and that she had gotten it for herself.

It seemed that Noti had bought the car in her name and then paraded it as a gift for Alami, which left many fans wondering why she didn’t have the car under Alami’s ownership in the first place.

The news has left many people stunned and disappointed in Noti, who claimed she spent Ksh1.5 million on the car as a birthday gift for Alami. The act seemed like a ploy to gain popularity, which has not gone well with Alami or her fans.

It is unclear whether Alami is still holding a grudge against Noti for this incident or whether she is just mad at Noti for moving on after their breakup.

King Alami, known for her lavish lifestyle and social media presence, has been through a lot recently, including losing one of her arms and surviving a fall from a high-rise building.

Despite these setbacks, she has managed to stay positive and continue entertaining her fans.

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