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After Ruto’s failed ‘cleanup’ campaign, #RailaIsClean also flops

Supporters of Raila Odinga took to Twitter on Tuesday to declare his innocence under the hash tag #RailaIsclean after the Cord leader was linked to the Sh28 billion project that has also sucked in Deputy President William Ruto.

The hashtag was trending all day with most Twitter users looking at the funny side of it and other saying he is not clean.

At the end of the day the hashtag ridiculed Raila, as most of the tweets on the hashtag were negative, masking the few positive ones.

One Twitter user Maina Mchoraji took a sarcasm twist by saying “RailaIsclean when he was P.M, his office was never associated with the maize & kazi kwa vijana scandals.”

Captain Moyokani tweeted “#RailaIsclean is a joke.”

The hashtag was a response to a report by a section of the media which said that Raila’s name was mentioned in tape where Hebert Ojwang’ claimed Sh28 billion project to upgrade the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital had been inflated.


It reported that Mr Ojwang’, former aide of ex-PM Raila Odinga, sensationally alleges in the tape he gave to a parliamentary committee that Raila received campaign money from the project contractor, China Wu Yi, ahead of the 2013 General Election.

Twiter user and Director of Digital Communication in the Office of the President @DennisItumbi decried “How media covers @RailaOdinga, he is mentioned in corruption tape, they say dragged#RailaIsClean, Ruto is not on tape but hey (sic) guilty.”

@stevelichoti tweeted “How the men in black ensured the ‘flawless fair’ elections in ODM in 2014,”

On Friday, there was another hashtag #RutoIsClean which was a response to another hashtag, #ThingsRutoShouldSteal,.

The hashtags were a response to the same allegations by the businessman at the centre of the project Herbert Ojwang’, who told the a National Assembly Committee that the cost of upgrading of the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital had been inflated by Sh11 billion. He linked the DP to the scandal.

Ideally, the hashtag #RutoIsClean was supposed to portray the DP in good light. However, some tweets by users like Adam Maina made sure the mission was not achieved, he tweeted: “#RutoIsClean hope this is a hashtag by his Barber coz the only clean thing about him is the haircut.”