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Ahmednassir to sue blogger over Mohammed Ali tweet

Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has threatened to sue popular blogger Modern Corps over a National Intelligence Service (NIS) report that linked one of his clients to terrorist activities.

In a tweef that emerged between the two on Friday, the lawyer, nicknamed Grandmullah, notified Modern Corps that he was sending a demand letter to him on behalf of his client, which the blogger said he was awaiting.

Moments later, the lawyer tweeted: “@moderncorps the idea of prison officers or policemen or Intel officers tweeting undercover is wrong and illegal.”

The tweef went on and when Nairobi News inquired from the Modern Corps the cause of the altercation the blogger said:

“There were concerns over the NIS report that we tweeted on Monday that exposed that Mohammed Ali’s Magasisi wa Ugaidi was to be used by Al Shabaab to assassinate NIS officers.”

The blogger alleged that Mohammed had attempted to make contact over the matter before the threats by his lawyer were issued via Twitter.

Claim by Ahmednassir that officers are not allowed to tweet were rubbished by the blogger who said, “There are no standing orders that deny officers the right to communicate in whatever form so if the Grandmullah wants to sue me he should do so without lying that I am not allowed to tweet.”

The Twitter exchange between the two was met with mixed reactions from tweeps with some lashing out at the lawyer for attacking the blogger.