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AIC pastor suspended after attempting to get ‘second wife’ from flock

African Inland Church (AIC) of Kenya has relinquished Pastor Patrick Muoki from his pastoral duties following allegations that he attempted to marry a second wife and misuse of church funds.

The 47-year-old pastor is said to have gone to negotiate with parents of his betrothed when his ‘wayward ways’ came to public limelight.

The Mtopanga AIC pastor is said to have had a romantic relationship with a teacher who used to worship at the church.

He was called by senior pastors at AIC Shanzu where his case was heard and the verdict passed relinquishing him from his pastoral duties.


In two letters seen by Nation, the religious institution said the man of cloth would be put under discipline for a period of one year.

Rev Johana Songok confirmed to the Nation that the pastor was relinquished from his pastoral duties following claims that he attempted to marry a second wife and unclear use of funds.

“As the church, we did a lot of investigations in the last six months and realised he was involved with another woman and he also went ahead to negotiate bride price at the woman’s home,” he said when contacted by Nation.

In AIC, we do not accept polygamy, Rev Songok warned.

“You did pay a visit to sister (name withheld) at Ukambani seeking a hand in marriage, knowing the truth, you chose to keep fellow pastors revolve around the issue for over two years,” read part of the two letters.


“The matter has tainted the pastors name and standard, the matter affected the church of Mtopanga, upon above reasons, brother, you are subjected to one-year church discipline and not allowed to preach for the stipulated period, this takes place with immediate effect,” chairman of the church signed.

The Rev said when probed the fiancée admitted that the two had a serious romantic relationship.

On Sunday, the angry pastor is alleged to have hired some youth to cause commotion in the church but armed police officers manning the place of worship quelled the situation.

The letter dated October 12, is addressed to AIC Mtopanga and Shanzu and is signed by Pastor Michael Musango.