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AirBnbs to have CCTV, guards to register all occupants – Government

The recent disturbing murder incidents in short-term accommodations have necessitated the introduction of stringent safety protocols to enhance security and accountability in short-term accommodations.

Security guards are now legally obligated to record the identification details of all individuals entering these premises, along with their time of entry and exit.

Additionally, visitors’ identification documents must be temporarily retained, and the installation of CCTV surveillance systems is mandatory.

The statement declares, “Effective immediately, all operators of short-term accommodation rentals, including Airbnbs, are required to register with the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA).”

This registration process aims to ensure that all accommodations adhere to the highest standards of safety and security for guests.

From February 5, 2024, National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) will collaborate with the TRA to conduct stringent inspections of all registered properties. Non-compliance will result in severe penalties, including fines and revocation.

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This statement is a result of a multi-agency government collaboration between  Dr Raymond Omollo, Principal Secretary Internal Security and National Administration, Anne Wang’ombe, Principal Secretary Gender, and Affirmative Action, Dr Beatrice Inyangala, Principal Secretary of Higher Education and Research, and Hon John Ololtuaa, Principal Secretary Tourism.

Resident Associations are urged to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies for effective enforcement, involving information sharing, joint inspections, and coordinated responses to safety standard violations.

The statement concludes, “Increased public awareness and action are vital to address the global issue of violence against women. Stakeholders at all levels—Government, community, individuals, and international actors—are called upon to collaborate in creating a safer environment for women and holding perpetrators accountable.”

Adding, “The Director of Criminal Investigations has formed a dedicated team to tackle cases of femicide, aiming to foster a safer space for everyone. Together, we can build a more secure community for all.”