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No, it’s not a rip off, airports authority explains revised parking rates

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has defended its move to revise parking rates at airports which have received a cold reception from Kenyans.

In a series of tweets, KAA management said the new rates will serve to decongest the airport during peak hours.

KAA added that the high rates that will see one pay Sh350 for spending an hour at the airport only apply for the drop off and pick up parking zones.

“In the new plan, the Central Square, Parking 3 & Parking 6 will exclusively serve as passenger pick-up and drop-off points, therefore attracting premium rates for any parking violation. All other motorists will be encouraged to utilize the new JKIA parking silo, which has over 1000 parking slots available for short & long term parking at lower rates.”

“Airport users are discouraged from parking at designated drop-off & pick-up zones as it creates congestion, traffic snarl-ups leading to poor customer experience. Airport Taxis and staff vehicle parking is reserved at the remote parking area opposite the Control Tower & T2,” wrote KAA.

The authority defended its parking rates division stating that it was long overdue and was in consultation with all stakeholders.


Revised airport parking rates that have left Kenyans feeling robbed

“KAA has been working on a new ground transportation framework that includes traffic circulation, parking zoning, segmentation of parking users (tour operators, taxi & airport users) & applicable rates for the parking zones. The last revision on this was done in 2009.”

“The project incorporates best practice benchmarked against Intl. airport standards & is in response to feedback from customers to decongest circulation areas during peak travel times, create pickup/drop off zones, & introduce premium, long/short term & low cost parking zones. Necessary consultations have been held with airport stakeholders on this and other issues related to activities, projects and changes at JKIA,” wrote KAA.

Kenyans had protested the drop off and pick up zones parking rates that are now at Sh100 for the first 20 minutes, Sh250 upto 40 minutes, Sh350 upto one hour and Sh500 upto two hours.

The parking rates at the silo that KAA recommends for motorists use will see motorists pay Sh100 for the first 30 minutes, Sh150 for upto one hour, Sh200 upto to two hours, Sh300 upto four hours, Sh400 upto eight hours and Sh500 upto 12 hours.