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Akorino ladies defend controversial ‘twerking’ club video

A video of three Akorino ladies twerking and dancing provocatively at a popular Ruiru club has sparked widespread social media discussions.

The video has prompted the trio—Nyambu Kim, Mary Njeri, and Joyce Mungai—to come forward and offer their perspective on the controversial footage.

In the video, the young women, identifiable by their turbans, are seen energetically dancing on stage and allowing men to grind on their behinds.

The footage has ignited a flurry of online reactions, with netizens expressing varied opinions.

Speaking to Paxson TV, Nyambu Kim, Mary Njeri, and Joyce Mungai defended their actions, asserting that they should not be hastily judged.

The trio explained that the video captured a moment of celebration for one of them, Mary Njeri’s birthday.

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Mary Njeri shared: “I came to hustle in Nairobi, but I’ve been jobless. This celebration was a way for me to forget my struggles for a while.”

Nyambu Kim, who dropped out of school in form two and is supported by her father, added, “We were just having fun; it wasn’t our intention to offend anyone.”

Mary Kim clarified that the initial plan was to enjoy a birthday cake together.

“There is no way I was going to eat the cake elsewhere yet I was bought the cake there. We were somewhere having fun, and we sang good Kigooco at that club before we cut the cake, but that one has not been posted online,” she explained.

However, as the DJ switched to secular music, the energetic atmosphere led to spontaneous dancing.

Joyce Mungai sharing her excitement about finding her favorite DJ at the club.

“We also have blood like any other human being. It was my first time in a club, but we were having fun. We did not hide, and that’s why we did not remove our turbans.”

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The trio acknowledged the backlash they have faced, with threats even extending to the removal of their turbans.

“People are judging us, and we have even been threatened that the turbans will be removed,” shared Joyce.

Nyambu defended her actions, stating that performing in clubs is her source of income.

“I go to clubs to make money. I have been hiding my turban, but I have stopped going to church after I was exposed for singing in clubs. Family members calling me should understand that we are working. I will never ask them for money to feed me as I am above 18 years old,” she affirmed.