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Akorino twins share disappointment after failed clout chasing stunt

The Akorino twins, Teddy and Peter, famed for supposedly ‘impregnating the same girl’ have come out to share their disappointment after their clout-chasing stunt hit a brick wall.

The twins, while speaking to a local publication, disclosed the kind of criticism they received from Kenyans was not worth it as it has left them in a state of distress considering they did not achieve what they had hoped. 

“Hatujapata anything good out of the whole thing, hakuna opportunity zimekam, ata watch time ya YouTube hatujapata (We’ve received nothing, no opportunity no YouTube watch time),” said one of the twins. 

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Peter, the Kimathi twin that is apparently Emily’s fiancé, noted before the video went up, they were at 200 subscribers and had now steadily grown to over 3K.

“Before we went online with the story, we had less than 200 subscribers, and currently we are at 3.3K.”

Peter confessed that when they set out to pull the stunt they had an expectation of gaining more traction on their YouTube channel. He shared that, however, despite the goal they had set, it was a disappointment as they expected 150,000 subscribers minimum.

“We were expecting ifike 200K, 130K or 150K subs ikienda chini sana, considering ilijulikana kila place.”

He continued to share his regrets in coming up with the idea, as it has not been worth the hustle.

“I regret that we pulled the stunt, we have never been negatively affected in our lives as we have experienced the past few months.”

Peter further divulge that they lost friends and received a lot of draining negative energy.

The soon-to-be father said that guilt rendered them to come out after the clergy called them out for disgracing the church.

“We were pressured a lot by the clergy, even Pastor T reached out. We were told by the clergy that we were disgracing God by the acts we pulled and guilt was eating us up on the inside which made us want to rectify our acts.”

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