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Akothee narrates how her baby daddy wanted her to abort pregnancy

By NAIRA HABIB October 27th, 2017 2 min read

Singer Akothee has opened up about the father of one of his boys by giving a detailed account of how they met in Mombasa nine years ago.

The mother of five took his fans down memory lane, narrating how they two would bump into each other at Nakumatt Supermarket in Mombasa while shopping.

“We would bump into each other once in a while, at the supermarket or Tembo Disco, he would give me a big smile and look at me till I disappear, most of the time we met at Nakumatt as I shop for my children,” wrote Akothee.

As a taxi driver and an owner of a restaurant in Shanzu, her baby daddy whom she identifies as Markus would occasionally come to her restaurant to eat and then leave.

The two then started becoming affectionate to each other and this led to Markus asking her for a baby.


The two left for Switzerland and after two months she became pregnant and later came back to Kenya.

“I came back from Switzerland pregnant, only to come and find my restaurant no more, and my taxi car also finished, well he gave me 100k when I came back so I repaired my car but was not able to revive my restaurant as I already started sickling,” Akothee wrote.

“When he came to Kenya the pregnancy was 4 months and already visible, I was so sick that I could not even walk, we went with him to the hospital and he never wanted to be seen with me, so my friend Nancy admitted me in hospital as Markus waited in the car, when he was asked for his details he said ‘put her mother’s names and phone number’ well I was admitted for 3 days, he never visited me in hospital, he only came the last day to pay bills and we left.”

From there things took a turn for the worst as he started asking her to get rid of the pregnancy. But the singer did not listen to him and decided to go through with the pregnancy.

She finishes her series of posts by warning other women not to be easily charmed by the kind of men like Markus, who only want to use women for their pleasure.