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Akothee brands sibling rivalry as jealousy weeks after beefing with sibling

By Winnie Mabel October 13th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, known worldwide as Akothee, took to Instagram on October 13, 2022, to address issues arising from sibling rivalry.

In her Instagram story, the vocal and controversial singer said sibling rivalry did not really exist, it was just a case of jealousy between siblings.

“No elder sibling can support the younger ones and start competing with them. How can you compete with your own project?”

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Musician Akothee (in green dress) feeds her sister Cebbie with a piece of cake to celebrate the launch of her nail parlour. PHOTO: COURTESY

“It’s like you are competing against yourself. There is nothing like sibling rivalry if you are not arguing over family inheritance. Call out jealousy. #Madamboss,” Akothee said.

This is not the first time Akothee branded sibling rivalry as nonexistent but as a case of jealousy between siblings.

In June 2022, she once again called out one of her unnamed siblings for envying her and badmouthing her in public.

“Well, there are those siblings who will constantly hurt you, cause you pain and feel like nothing happened. Cease and desist. Guard your peace. Sijataja mtu (I haven’t mentioned anyone’s name). Everyone should sit at their own door. We are siblings by chance, not by choice but I chose peace any day,” Akothee said.

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Akothee’s sentiments come in the wake of the constant beefing with her younger sister, Cebbie Koks.

Born Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, Cebbie was accused of badmouthing Akothee in 2020, saying the singer was dead broke and could not support her own children sired with three men.

Cebbie’s sentiments were exposed by a woman who claimed Cebbie was in an illicit relationship with her husband; and in the conversations Cebbie had with the unnamed man, she badmouthed Akothee.

“Our relationship is full of bad fights, we hit the optimum. Most people don’t know that when Cebbie and Akothee are fighting, no one in the family can bring us together at that time. We usually find a way of ending our disputes,” Cebbie was quoted telling The Standard in 2020.

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Cebbie would later say that she and Akothee had buried the hatchet but it would not appear to be so going by Akothee’s latest social media postings.

She also said Akothee was like a mother to her and would always remain family.

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