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Akothee briefly admitted to the hospital

By Freya Wanjiku December 2nd, 2022 2 min read

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Akothee, was admitted briefly at a hospital on Thursday, December 1.

Taking to social media on Friday morning, Akothee shared a picture of herself in the hospital with Omosh – her mzungu lover – by her side.

“Single mothers to settle down, just drug Mr Wrong to the ight. Nani atakupeleka hospitali na utaliban yako hiyo ya Miss Independent, my dear (Who will take you to hospital and you are constantly defiant and branding yourself  Miss Independent, my dear). Respect marriage,” she wrote on Facebook.

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The singer further revealed that the last five days have been hard for her, with constant headaches.

“We have been having a rough 5 days of constant headache, the better part of yesterday we spent in hospital, Omondi was very terrified to take me to any hospital around here in the village, all flights from Kisumu to Mombasa were fully booked,” she added.

After her checkup, everything turned out negative, “And all tests are negative, so it means unda amechoka tuu. Bedrest again.”

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As her followers wished her a quick recovery in a different post, the Sweet Love hitmaker clarified that she had not been admitted to the hospital.

“I am not admitted, we came back home and feeling better, thanks for your wishes,” she added.

“I fall sick in relationships because I fear sex, I just love to cuddle, kazi ngumu usiku kupendukiwa penduliwa kama ugali sipendi (Being tosses around like ugali, I don’t like it), napenda usingizi. Mimi ndio shida (I love my sleep. I’m the problem). Date me at your own risk.”

Akothee in the hospital.

Around the same time last year, while dating her lover, Nelly Oaks, she was admitted to the hospital, where she revealed that she was suffering from nerve injury, a condition that causes numbness in the fingers and swollen body.

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“I am swollen due to the struggle with sleepless nights of pain. I am afraid to go to bed because I wake up feeling some numbness in my fingers. This situation is scary for me,” she said.

She was readmitted after being discharged after her health deteriorated.

“I can’t describe what is eating me up, but it keeps doing its thing at the worst moment in time. We have been here since Saturday and this is our Jamhuri celebration. Today I can lift my head,” she captioned a picture of her in a hospital bed.

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