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Akothee calls out Kenyan Embassy in Saudi Arabia over ‘modern-day slavery’

By Winnie Onyando September 24th, 2022 2 min read

Award-winning Kenyan songstress Akothee has questioned the proficiency of Kenyan Embassy in Saudi Arabia amidst increasing cases of Kenyan nationals being subjected to inhumane working conditions in the Middle East country.

Citing the case of Sharon Ayuma, who has been trapped in Saudi Arabia for three years now, Akothee has challenged the Kenyan government to take quick action to liberate its citizens from modern-day slavery in the gulf country.

“What’s the Kenyan Embassy to Saudi Arabia doing? I thought their work was to take care of their citizens in foreign countries,” said Akothee.

Akothee also said agents who are charged with the mandate of protecting Kenyans in the foreign country are not doing their work efficiently.

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The singers said that the voiceless women, mothers and young girls suffering in the name of ‘working abroad’ is demeaning to our country.

She is of the view that something should be done to stop people from traveling to Saudi Arabia in the name of becoming domestic workers.

“How many of these cases do we have in a week? How many mother’s, voiceless women are suffering in the hands of this Saudi Arabia thing? This is demeaning as a country, what can we do to stop this kind of mess. Why are people allowed to leave their country and not have the freedom to quit when it’s not rosy anymore? Something needs to be done urgently,” she said.

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The Kula Ngoma hitmakers also said that human right agencies should come on board and push for change.

She has also warned young Kenyan women to stop ignoring the stories of domestic workers suffering and trapped in Saudi Arabia.

“As a mother this is labor pain. I know someone’s daughter will still ignore this post, and is busy signing forms and desperately can’t wait to fly,” she said.

Her sentiments comes just days after the government rescued Diana Chepkemoi and other 20 young girls who were trapped in Saudi Arabia.

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