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Akothee, daughter in ugly name calling spat on Instagram

A nasty exchange of expletives on Instagram between musician Akothee and her teenage daughter has left her online followers shocked.

Apparently, the tiff between mother and daughter was sparked off by the 19-year-old who called her celebrity mum ‘bitch’.

“Waaaahh… bitch you be making that noise this early morning @akotheekenya… eiii please am sleeping,” she posted.

But not to be outdone the, plain-speaking musician responded by writing:

“, yes bitch you know me at 6.00 am everyone is up No wonder you threw me out of your hostel na God will see you I love you my chuchu.”


In her defence the teen, who goes by the name Rue Baby or Baby Boss on social media, said she was simply voicing her complain after her mum woke up at six in the morning and started shouting and singing while looking for her misplaced phone charger.

The brief exchange didn’t go unnoticed by Instagram users, some of whom shared their displeasure with teenager’s disrespect to her mother.

@kenyan_girl_x wrote, “I even try to roll eyes to my mother… that will be the day mortuary will be my new home. And this stupid bitch calling her mother bitch daaammm.”

Another user commented: “The quest to be westernized, this daughter has enough guts to type the word bitch in reference to her mum… Agness the fruit of my womb and the daughter of Adese Kizquid if they dared this, that same week my frens you would be drinking ndubia na githeri in our compound as others raise funds for a 6×6… I refuse to be a slay queen mum.