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Akothee disappointed after daughter postpones graduation bash

Akothee says she’s disappointed by her daughter’s decision to postpone her graduation party.

The songbird, in a message on Instagram, acknowledged that her daughter namely Aggrey Dion Okello aka Rue Baby was one of her most difficult children who get things done her way.

“You can’t dictate her, she does her things her way, and it must be done her way! Just like that this idiot postponed her graduation ceremony without telling me! She isn’t picking my calls only texting mum get well soon first. So can someone tell to kindly give us another date of her preference then? I want to celebrate her in a big way,” she said.

Rue Baby has responded to her mum, suggesting she prays for her full recovery before the party can be held.

Rue baby graduated last week from Strathmore University and her mother could not keep calm.

The Kula Ngoma na Mama Oyoo hitmaker celebrated her daughter’s graduation stating that she was on her second degree all by herself.

“No one has ever asked if I need help, it all looked rosy, not even a handkerchief nor a panty liner.
Congratulations my darling, you made parenting easy for me, you understood the assignment, and you bring the child! Me being your mother,” she posted.