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Akothee: Entertainment industry is ‘devilish’

Singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee, has opened the lid on the challenges she’s faced in the entertainment industry in 2020.

Akothee, who is not known to keep words to herself, sensationally claims the music industry is the worst and the most dangerous satanic business she has ever ventured into.

She revealed she’s been mistreated and mishandled by renowned singers with whom she sought music collaborations with.

“This is the most devilish, heartless merciless industry I ever found myself into, Everyone who wants fame badly will do anything to get to where you are, I did a collabo with big stars, you never heard me go on Tv/ radio talking I’ll of how they mistreated me or how they mishandled me,” said Akothee.

“It’s me who went looking for them, I needed their support, so whatever outcome, I had to take it positive, they dint need me I needed them,” she added.

The entertainment industry, she says, is plagued by untrustworthy individuals who only want to take advantage of someone else’s fame for their own selfish benefits.

“With my stupid being after I made a name, now I started my stupid charity music support, collecting & featuring upcoming artists whom most of them thought it was a right, some tried to make advances at me in studio and put demands in my home calling me midnight,” said Akothee.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers also advised her fans to never share their dreams and goals with random people rather share with them your successful journey.

“Never show people your dreams, share with them your successful journey, it hurts but it’s the truth, most people are dream killers, know whom you share your next moves with,” said Akothee.