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Akothee lectures distracted guests at her party

Vesha Okello, daughter of singer Akothee, on December 2 graduated from Strathmore University with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (BCom).

To celebrate her achievement, the single mother of five threw an invite-only party attended by her family, close friends and fellow celebrities.

The estemmed guest lists included Bahati, Lilian Muli, PLO Lumumba, MC Jessy and Dr, Ofweneke.


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However, Akothee was irked by some guests who were invited to celebrate her daughter’s graduation but instead ended up taking selfies and spent most of their time on their phones.

“When I am invited to an event, I do what has taken me there. If it is taking photos, I walk in, I get invited, I sit down, I take a few photos then I put down my phone. When you start chatting with people who are not in this event you are a disgrace to yourself. I’m sorry it would have been better for you to stay outside than bringing shame to yourself,” Akothee said.

The singer went on to state that the culprits only lifted their heads from their phone screens only when they heard people laughing or a celebrity arrived.

“They only lifted there heads when people were laughing or heard a celebrity walking in, then they shoot their content, then they update they are also in,” she complained.

She advised such guest to find a place at the corner during such events to avoid causing such embarrassment in future.

“Next time if you are invited in a function and you come to slay ,please look for a place in a corner where no one sees you ?,” Akothee added.