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Akothee lectures single mothers who prevent their kids from relating with dads

Singer Akothee has scolded single mothers who harbour bitterness in their hearts after a break up and in turn prevent their children from having a relationship with their fathers.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers said that both the man and woman in the relationship should take responsibility when things go south and the woman should not make the child pay by denying him the love of a father.

She shared her own experience with the father of her three girls with whom she separated a few years after the girls were born.

The years that followed were difficult for her as she was broke with bills to pay and three mouths to feed.

However, this did not influence her to despise her children’s father for her misfortunes.

“I have raised my children knowing their father is alive, loved and respected even in his absence but I used to gossip about him somewhere far from my kids before I healed I have raised my children knowing church is a mandatory to go every Saturday unless otherwise, I have raised my children knowing forgiveness is divine I have never allowed the bitterness of single motherhood overwhelm me,” said Akothee.

“When bills hit me left and right I have always stayed sober & calm knowing very well, my children are not the cause of my suffering, neither is their father , if the relationship dint work between us, it dint work for him too. Respect family values even when things go south! A child has only 1 biological father and 1 biological mother, take your love triangle elsewhere and raise your children in peace without putting or subjecting your children to hate their father/mother you will never win. When they grow up, see above and read captions below FROM MINE TO YOURS DADDY’SGIRL,” she went on.

Akothee has five children – three girls who share the same father who was also Akothee’s first love and two boys from another relationship she had.