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Akothee mourns ‘death’ of Luo culture

Kenyan songbird Akothee has lamented how technology and innovation is silently killing Luo culture.

Akothee has also expressed her disappointment with shift to modern ways of doing things at the expense cultural practices and artifacts.

Akothee made the remarks after sharing a photo of herself and her new bae shopping for Luo traditional pots.

She said that the invention of the fridge has made Luo’s and other communities neglect clay molded pots for water storage.

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“I was so disappointed that our culture is fading off. The women say they no longer make huge pots due to lack of market,” said Akothee.

She said there is need for people to embrace culture and acknowledge where they come from.

“People are not very keen on taking porridge using calabash, using pots to store cold water and cooking certain foods on pots. Maybe as I grow older I am beginning to appreciate culture more,” she said.

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The Kula Ngoma hitmaker also said she was accompanied by lover because she wanted him to appreciate the Luo culture.

“We went to the market the other day to buy some of our cultural things that were used in our village when fridges were not there. I wanted my love to know where he is going to marry from and what kind of culture we have,” said Akothee.

She also hinted that they are getting ready for the Luo festival in Rongo January next year.

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