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Akothee opens up on ‘single mum’ challenges

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers Esther Akoth, real name Akothee, is at it again, and this time she is going after nosy women who like to stick their nose where it does not belong.

Akothee penned down a lengthy message on social media chastising people who ask single mothers personal questions about their children and the whereabouts of the father.

The ‘Rollam’ singer was drawing from her own experience of being a mother of five children which she sired with different fathers.

Akothee also opened up on how she would invite her baby daddies into her home at different times so as to enable them spend time with their respective children

“The things this life has shown me is only God who knows. At one point in my life, I have lived with two of my baby daddies under the same roof, just to see my children happy ? as a mother, sometimes you don’t even know if what you are doing is right or wrong, you are just doing ? you sacrifice all you can just to make sure your children have the best,” wrote Akothee.

Some of the questions that single mothers should never be asked especially by friends and acquaintances include inquiring about where the father of the child is among others.

“Never ask a single parent question like, Why are your eyes Red, Where is the father of your children, Why are you not leaving with your children, Why do you have different children from different fathers. Since this question doesn’t concern you and you the asker can’t provide solutions to this shit,” said Akothee.

Co-parenting is also not a walk in the park she says, always be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster that may sometimes make your days gloomy.

“ASSOCIATION of co-parenting is noisy with casualties. It’s nothing fun about it, you just have to grow up, mature and be the big girl in it otherwise the emotional trauma may consume you long before dawn. Cry if you can, throw yourself to the ground if that will make you feel better, then now, get up, wipe your tears, take warm water and lemon, get some exercise shower, pick up your remote and control your Life,”

“This shit is worse when you are broke you will chop Onions daily if you don’t accept it’s a pandemic and worldwide. So, before you decide to have a child as a young girl, ask yourself a question, how about if he doesn’t stay after the baby comes will I stand the heat?”

Akothee has been vocal about the struggles she has gone through dropping out of school to be married at the age of 14. She was blessed with three children Vesha Awour Okello, Celine Dion Aggry Brown Okello and Prudence Vanpelt Okello.

She later separated with the father of her three daughters and started a relationship with a foreigner in Mombasa.

She is also a mother to two namely sons Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo.