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Akothee pens sweet, heartfelt message to her former mother-in-law

Singer Akothee has begun her 2021 by appreciating her former husband’s mother for the care and love she showed her during the time she was married to her son Jared Okello.

In a post on her social media pages, Akothee said she stayed with Mama Margret Auma for 10 years after she ran away from her home when she was only 14-years-old.

Akothee started dating the father of her three daughters, Vesha Okello, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia when he was still in school.

“When pain is gone and love reigns, family is key. Behold my mother-in-law Margret Auma nyar Ongola, she calls me Kadera (a girl from Kadera). The mother that I landed into at the age of 14 after I ran away from home and settled with his son. I lived with her for 10 years as Jared was going to school, and she can tell you that I am the best daughter-in-law any mother-in-law can have,” Akothee posted.

The singer further said although their relationship was not the best, she had never disrespected her former mother-in-law whom she considers a second mother.

“We had our own better shares, but I never disrespected her and always considered her as my mother. I don’t know where women get guts to insult or even exchange arguments with someone who gave birth to the man they love and respect, she is the second mother I know after my mother. She would be the first to know when I am pregnant, after vomiting for over 3 months calling it malaria, she paid all the hospital bills, bought me maternity clothes,” she said.

Akothee explained that she learnt the art of resilience from her then mother-in-law and she has continued to apply it in her daily life.

The mother of five vowed to take care of her ex-husband’s mother as a way of returning the favor of taking care of her back in the day.

She added that they are forever bound together by the children she bore with Mr Okello.

“Mom I learnt to be strong that even after our marriage with your son was dissolved, I still stood firm and took care of your grandchildren. I never regret one day of being part of your family. It’s your son who is my ex, but you can never be an ex in my life and the lives of our children. Your son also is the only biological father that my three girls have hence he can’t be an ex-factor in his children’s life. It’s time for me to take care of you, just like you took care of me and the kids. May God grant you peace, health and wealth. Love you sanaa Magy,” she stated.