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Akothee: Raising children is a collective responsibility

Kenyan entrepreneur and artiste Esther Akoth aka Akothee has spoken about the importance of all couples signing a document on shared responsibility of bringing up their children.

While sharing her own experience as a singlemother, Akothee said it takes courage to raise children without the father’s assistance.

“For us to have a clearer understanding, I think there should be a document to be signed about bringing a child into the world. My Docket of Single Parenthood is overwhelming and I just wonder how the population grows every day,” Akothee said.

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“Women should get consent from their spouse’s boyfriend or partners before getting pregnant. A child is a full time community responsibility, and is not a teddy bear that you can just dump and pick up later,” she said, adding that getting children out of wedlock is a ‘torture’ to the child.

“We are subjecting innocent children to a love triangle, making us raise many children in an undefined state of confusion. Some women use children as a bait to hold the man down, some men equally use children to attach to the woman yet they know clearly they don’t mean it,” the Kula Ngoma hitmaker added.

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She also warned men who are irresponsible to stop engaging in sexual activity.

“The phrase ‘I want you to be the mother of my children’ is overrated. Bearing a child is a full responsibility that should not be pushed to women,” she said.

On the other hand she warned women to be cautious before accepting the motherhood call.

“Spouses should also stop using children as a weapon to get to each other’s neck. We are raising a bitter confused generation, instead of showing them love. It’s all violence from the date of conception to the end,” she lamented.

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