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Akothee responds to possibility of being dumped after wedding

By now you probably know or have heard of the upcoming ‘royal’ wedding scheduled for Easter Monday.

In case you missed the buzz, Akothee, a renowned entertainer and entrepreneur will be walking down the aisle for the second time.

However, a section of her fans have raised concerns arguing that the wedding has been rushed and might not last.

But the flamboyant, explosive musician says she doesn’t really care should the union come to an abrupt end.

“I have seen in the comment section some saying that I rushed to wed Omosh so that he does not dump me. Do I look like I am scared of being dumped by a man? I would never nag a man to stay with me, if there is no more love between us, then everybody can leave,” Akothee affirms.

The mother of five however insists that such insecurities shouldn’t be a deterrent for people not to get married if they wish to do so.

“Wedding isn’t a guarantee that someone won’t leave you. People marry today and tomorrow they are no longer together. Shouldn’t we not marry then?” she added.

Ahead of the wedding, an excited Akothee continues to update her millions of followers on every development. The 42-year-old has been married only once as opposed to the narrative that she has wedded four times.

She, however, is a single mother of four.

She is now set to solemnize her vows to the Swiss fiancé Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer whom they reportedly met in France while she was on a vacation.

“I don’t chase whites, they do chase me. The many I have encountered, I am always their type of a woman,” Akothee flexes.

Akothee has reportedly already purchased her gown from Europe and is set to spend Sh7 million on the invites only wedding.

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