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Akothee reveals cause of beef with her siblings

Controversial singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee has explained to her fans why she fell out with some of her family members.

The mother of five said she is not in good terms with her sister, Cebbie Koks, brothers as well as some of her other family members.

Akothee said the beef is as a result of jealousy which she says was not there before she got her wealth.

Akothee alleges that some of her family members hate her because of the stories they have heard from relatives.

She was speaking during a radio show on NRG with Betty Kyallo, MC Jessy and Mejja.

“A a celebrity, when you trend negatively, nobody wants to be associated with you. Even family only come to you when they want a favour. They will never defend,” she said adding that when she started her music career, some family members said she was portraying a bad image of her family.

She also advised fellow celebrities to stop sharing their houses with their relatives.

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“Do not also use your personal events to be reconciling venues. I don’t care about what the public eye says.”

She said in most cases, first born children are the most affected.

“I would tell them to learn to manage the spirit of expectation from your family. What are we fighting about? If we are not fighting about your father’s properties is another thing, but like me, what are we quarreling about? You carry their burdens but they forget about you,” she explained.

Akothee said when she started planning her wedding last September, some of her family members said she was competing with her sister Cebbie Koks.

“In all these things, my mother is hurt the most since my father is not well mentally. I got pregnant and decided to mend things with my sister. I bought clothes for my children to attend her wedding. But things came up and I decided I would not attend her wedding.

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“One of my uncle called me. They sent me a very long message saying I had intentions of destroying my sister’s wedding. I was very surprised how I was doing that. People took sides and before everything was cooling down, I lost my pregnancy on the 17th of December 2022. I was told I was chasing clout,” she explained.

Akothee said her sister Cebbie Koks is ungrateful yet she took her to school from the time she was in class 7.

“I have not been told what wrong I did to her. The reason my brothers did not attend my wedding is that they took sides,” she said.

Asked if she would want to make peace with her siblings, Akothee said she has her children as her family.

“If any of my sibling feels like I did any wrong, they have my phone,” she said.

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