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Akothee reveals what locked her out of Migori Woman Rep race

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Esther Akoth aka Akothee has intimated that she cannot be elected as the Women Representative for Migori county since she has no husband.

Akothee made the claims while responding to a fan.

“You should have considered vying for women representative Migori this year,” the fan suggested.

To which Akothee responded: “Aaah hawawezi nipa kura wataniambia nionyeshe bwana yangu kwanza.”

The philanthropic music artiste, was touring Eldoret giving out unga to residents when she shared images.

The celebrated musician has never shied away from sharing her private life with her baby daddies and boyfriends, although her relationships never last for long.

Early this month, Akothee revealed that she is no longer dating her boyfriend and manager Nelly Oaks.

“I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise. It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my new Found happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment,” she said.

The singer however said she will not divulge details of what transpired in the relationship because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

“Me and Mr N have a family Relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let’s respect family and keep family respect, he is not someone I just picked on the streets. So for that matter wishing all of you the best of life. ~Akothee quotes. Courage is fear holding on a moment longer. Wishing you well.”