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Akothee revists failed marriage to ex husband Jared Okello

Amid suggestions she could soon tie the knot, singer Esther Akoth aka Akoth has opened up on her previous marriage to one Jared Okello.

Also a famed businesswoman, Akothee confirmed she officially divorced Okello after a five-year marriage.

The ex-couple has three daughters and Akothee who’s never been shy to share her past on social media also shared a throwback photo of her wedding to the Okello. She further clarified that either was free to re-marry.

“Our wedding cost Ksh2, 500,” she explained on Instagram.

“A newly wedded couple serving couple Goals in Awendo SDA church on the 6th of July 2002.”

Akothee who owns a tour company also confirmed she is the one who filed for divorce in 2011.

“Divorce papers were filed in 2007. The Decree was NISI. ( Absolute) This marriage was therefore DISSOLVED on 22nd May 2011. Both parties are free to marry whoever they want including a tree. And your opinion won’t hold any water,” she wrote.

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Akothee has recently shared how her divorce from Okello affected her daughters, saying the turmoil she went through was not something she would have wished for even on her worst enemy.

‘It’s easier said than done, but I tell you, divorce is worse than death, especially when children are involved. I would never wish for any parents to divorce after living together for years and bringing up their children as a family, I am not saying you stay in a toxic, violent unsatisfactory relationship,” she shared.

“But if it ever happens that there is a need to break up try to do it discreetly without involving your children.”

Like most mothers, Akothee said she did everything she could to protect her kids and help them cope.

‘The medal I won is trying as much as possible to cover my children’s eyes, never to see their father as an enemy. It was hard. I took bullets, broke down when bills were overwhelming, and my children never saw my tears, after my divorce, they only learned about my struggles on social media, when I started sharing my past,” Akothee said.

She further divulged that her first kids Rue, Vesha, and Makadia learned to embrace the situation but it was not easy as it was a process.

“It was difficult at times when they insisted they wanted to talk to him, This broke me down SEVERALLY, knowing he has moved on with another family and calling him will disrupt his peace and the other family might feel like I am interfering with their peace,” she narrated.

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In conclusion, Akothee said their kids chose to forgive them and gave them a second chance.

Akothee has in the recent past shared photos of herself with a mzungu lover while hinting the two could solemnize their union.

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