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Akothee revives old flame Nelly Oakes for Valentines treat

By Naira Habib February 17th, 2024 2 min read

If there is one thing that controversial singer Akothee has always been vocal about, it is that despite her popularity and celebrity status, she is not a role model for anyone.

True to her words, the mother of five continues to live her life unapologetically if her latest post on Instagram is anything to go by.

Akothee shared a video of her romantic Valentine’s getaway with her new or rather “old” catch Nelly Oaks.

The video shows the two lovebirds in a hotel room decorated with flower petals.

Despite being an old flame, she appears rather surprised by Nelly Oaks’ show of affection.

“In your embrace, I find a home, a place where my soul finds refuge, my spirit finds peace and my love finds its eternal sanctuary. As we embark on another chapter of our journey together, I pledge my heart, my soul, and my unwavering devotion to you, my beloved Valentine. Always and forever,
I love you 💕 @nellyoaks,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

In case you were wondering why this is making headlines, well, the social media influencer made all her critics bite their tongues in 2023 when she married Swedish hunk Denis Schweizer, widely known as ‘Omosh’, in front of close friends and family.

The skeptics who doubted that anyone would put a ring on the controversial singer’s finger accepted the fact that perhaps the marriage would be the beginning of a new chapter for Akothee.

But two months after tying the knot, Akothee, also a musician, revealed they had broken up during their honeymoon in July 2023 when Omosh realised there were aspects of their relationship he couldn’t tolerate.

“Omosh is not the first man in my life. So as of today, please know that it is over with Omosh. I ended the relationship in June. I usually leave a relationship when I am still in it. When we were on our honeymoon I found out some things that I could not cope with and then he asked me if I was leaving him and I said no, I love you. When I was in Switzerland in July 2023, he asked me at the airport, ‘Are you going to leave me? I said no darling, I love you but for sure I was already gone,” Akothee explained.

The singer chose not to go into details out of respect for Denis, but expressed her gratitude for his support during a difficult time in her life.

She highlighted the significant emotional support he provided when she was experiencing family strife and feeling isolated.

Akothee stressed that their relationship wasn’t meant to be, despite all the gestures of love and care, including the plane tickets he bought for her.

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