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Akothee rips Alai apart in insult-laden outburst on Instagram

Singer Akothee has lit up social media after going ham on blogger Robert Alai raining insults on him for allegedly abusing her as a woman in the past.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the mother of five spared no efforts to rip apart the highly opinionated and controversial blogger, as she spewed vulgar abuses at him.

She starts off by calling out Mr Alai asking him why he is sending her direct message on social media begging her to call him while all along he has been calling her names on social media.


“Robert Alai the last time I heard about you is when you were insulting politicians. Do I look like a politician to you? I dint (sp) even know you were following me until you slid into my DM begging me to call you. And that you have a job for me,” Akothee started offer her lengthy tirade.

“Do I look like an employee to you? Ort (sp) you think I am those naïve business people that you dupe left and right, which business do you want us to do Keyboard ganagster (sp)? With your p**** brain?…” she goes on and on.


The enraged singer goes to the extent of even calling Alai’s parents unprintable names.

Akothee ends her outburst by telling Alai to direct his attention to someone else, worth his time.

The Lotto hitmaker has since deleted the scathing post with Alai yet to make a rebuttal for all the insults directed to him.