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Akothee: Single mothers have ‘misused’ and taken advantage of me

By Winnie Mabel December 5th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has spoken about the bad encounters she has had in the past with women who claimed to be single mothers just to take advantage of her generosity.

She has narrated on social media how one these women camped outside her gate with her two young sons the whole day, baking in the hot sun before Akothee agreed to let them in.

“Yesterday was a very difficult time for me. There was a mother stuck at my gate the whole day with her two kids. Yes, at first I refused to open the gate because I have been hurt for quite some time with just welcoming people I don’t know in my home,” Akothee said.

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“I have opened businesses for claimed single mothers that come and start crying, they abandoned the businesses within days. Two years back, I took three girls from single mothers to secondary school. I gave their mothers opportunity to work and earn a living,” she recounted.

“These three women abandoned me with their girls, abandoned the work and never to hear from them again. However, their children are still under my custody in school and I have always paid (their) school fees. A few weeks ago, one of the girl’s mother called me, ‘Mama Ojwang how are you ,thank you very much mom ,I would like to come back and work for you for the things you have done for me, but kindly send me fare.’ So me with my stupidity, I sent Leah the fare. I have not set my eyes or heard from her. Leah has not even seen her own daughter for two year. Sad, but she will be telling everyone she is a single mother. Aah single mothers embarrassing association. These women should be caned and scandalised kabisa.

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“There is another scenario. I used to pay school fee for a certain family here in Mtwapa. She had three girls so one day I decided to visit the school to ask for the whereabouts of my children. Ooh, I was told they don’t school there, they only reported once and never came back; only to find out that their mother was a drunkard single mother with multiple pregnancies again. I used to send money to the mum’s phone, only for me to discover that she had a sponsor,” Akothee narrated.

“Well, it hurts. I didn’t want to let these (ones) in but they refused to go and the mother said she was told to come to Akothee and (until) she has heard her voice, she will not leave until Akothee hears her. Angrily I opened the gate because it was too hot outside,” lamented Akothee.