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Akothee tells Kenyan women to engage in agriculture to be financially stable

Controversial musician Esther Akoth, best known by her stage name Akothee, has challenged Kenyan women to look for ways of earning money to be independent.

She argued that women should not depend on their husbands for support but rather have a way of contributing to the well-being of the family.

Akothee added that women should be able to survive even after separating from their spouses.

“Moving from one place to another, especially with children and no husband is a difficult thing,” she said.

She spoke when accompanying Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga to Wahambla primary school on November 8, 2023, where they distributed relief food and household items to flood victims.

One of the proposals the musician had for women to be able to support themselves financially was engaging in agriculture.

According to Ms Akoth, some women do not engage in farming yet they want to eat.

She told women to embrace having kitchen gardens.

“You must not wait to be reminded to engage in agriculture because we all need food to eat,” Ms Akoth said.

She also told women not to look up to politicians for support.

Most politicians give handouts when they go out to look for votes, she said.

According to the musician, money given by politicians is periodic.

She said it only comes after five years.

“Before then, the politicians will board big vehicles and use them to spater mud on you, so work hard and find ways of earning money,” Ms Akoth said.

She used the opportunity to talk about her marriage with Omosh.

She claimed her ex-husband did not leave her but their “agreement” expired.

Akothee enjoyed a blissful relationship with Omosh which ended in marriage in April 2023. But the couple separated weeks later and she recently announced commencing divorce proceedings.

Known as a woman of means, Akothee who at times refers to herself as the President of Single mothers in Kenya, is a single mother of five.

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