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Akothee: this is why I drink alcohol with my daughters

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee now says the reason why she allows her daughters to drink alcohol with her is to teach them to make better decisions when it comes to men.

Akothee says she wants no man to dangle a bottle of champagne in her children’s faces in order to win favours.

She says she used to drink the alcohol that men bought for her and would then run away.

“I served alcohol to my own children so that no man will dangle a bottle of champagne on their faces and make it look like a very special drink to make one lower their panties. I used to drink men’s beer and run away let it be free will if they mess up, it’s me,” said Akothee.

The mother of five has always been vocal on her interesting parenting skills.

She got pregnant at a young age and had to raise the children as a single parent after splitting with their fathers.

She has three daughters from her previous marriage to a Kenyan man and two boys from her other relationships with foreigners.